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The Tunnel Rat is one of the supervillains summoned by Limburger in the original series. A rat who is a digging expert.

Physical Appearance[]

Tunnel Rat was a brown-furred rat-like alien with an average build, a long snout, a black nose, sharp teeth, four-fingered hands, oval-shaped ears, and a brown-colored tail.

His attire consisted of a black tank top with a pink line on the sides, black shorts with a pink line on the sides, a beige-colored strap around his torso, a beige-colored belt with a silver buckle, black boots with white soles, olive green gloves, and a silver helmet with a purple visor.

Powers & Abilities[]


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  • Digging Expertise: Tunnel rat is an expert when it comes to digging and tunneling.
  • Driving Skills: Tunnel rat is an expert driver as he was able to drive Limburger's new digging machine.


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  • Jackhammer: Tunnel Rat uses a red/gray-colored jackhammer as his personal weapon.
    • Laser Fire: Tunnel Rat's jackhammer can fire bright red laser blasts.
  • Mine Cart: Tunnel rat uses a silver-colored mine cart as his mode of transportation.