Biker Mice from Mars Wiki
A barren Mars is filled with dust storms and tornadoes. Nearby, the Catatonians, armed with firepower and giant machines, attack a small troop of Freedom Fighters, who are overwhelmed fending off the base from the Catatonians.
Commander They've blown the portal, General, it's blocked! We got two Claw Trooper squadrons moving in fast! (over the phone) It's getting ugly out here, general!
Carbine Protect the entrance as long as you can. And Commander, hang in there. We've put out the call.
An alarm signals to the Biker Mice from Mars that Carbine is in need of their aid. The scene cuts to the trio riding to aid the Freedom Fighters.
Throttle Okay, bros, let's rock and--
Vinnie Ah-ha-ha-ho-ho-ho! Ride free, citizen!
Throttle Put a root beer in it, Vincenzo.
Modo Just like the first time!
Throttle Nothing but net!
Vinnie Ho-ho-ho!
The trio fist-bump in mid-air.
Modo Ha-ha!
Throttle Stay on, bros. We got a lot of incoming kitty litter!
Cut to the Catatonian invasion. With various soldiers weary and injured, the Commander gives Carbine an update.
Commander We'll hold 'em, for as long as we can.
Soldier There, over there!
The soldiers cheer as the Biker Mice arrive into battle.
Throttle Okay, bros, let's show 'em who we are!
Biker Mice From Mars Theme Song
The trio charge onto the Catatonians.
Vinnie Ah-ha-ha-ha-ho-ho-ho! It's tail-whippin' time!
Vinnie junps into mid-air and lights two flammable weapons, throwing them at the impending Catatonian vehicles and causing them to explode. The Catatonians inside the cars get out and flee the scene.
Vinnie (chortles triumphantly) Hardly even counts as odds!
Modo shoots at a Catatonian robot tank with his bionic arm gun, cuasijg it to explode and its soldiers to flee via parachute. Throttle and Vinnie follow suit with laser guns and knuckle weapons.
Throttle We'll, four down, two to go!
Charging on the two remaining Catatonian tanks, the soldiers continie their charge.
Throttle Oh, Vincent, that motor squadron on the left? Nail it!
Vinnie On it, El Jefe!
Throttle Modo, seal the entrance! We do not want these kitty cats scratching our furniture.
Modo (chuckles) Cat's good as in the bag.
The mice continure their mission while a mysterious biker, riding a black motorcycle and clothed entirely in black, concealing his face, watches over them as we cut back to the action.
Throttle Whatever happened to the good old days, when the bad guys were all just laser blasters and the bad attitude?
Throttle presses a button on his bike, triggering a heat laser onto incoming tanks, causing them to melt and its occupants to flee.
Throttle (snickers) I think they got the message.
The scene cuts to Vinnie, who is being chased down by Catatonians.
Vinnie Just one tiny step ahead of total extinction! So, what else is new?
Laser bullets shoot at Vinnie, who mocks them.
Vinnie Aw, the widdle kitties wanna play? Have a ball of string, scaredy cats!
Vinnie looks back and releases an oil slick from the back of his motorcycle. The Catatonians' vehicales lose traction on the ground and begin to slip.
Catatonian Soldier Wahh, look out!
The soldiers struggle for stability and crash into each other, wrecking the cars. Vinnie drives away triumphantly.
Vinnie Slick! Ha ha ha!
Vinnie reunites with Modo, who joins him on the way to the base.
Modo Hey, bro! Eyes forward!
Vinnie (gasp) Focus!
Vinnie meets up with another giant tank. He charges onto the machine with his bike's rockets, aiming for the base above its long, spider-like legs and landing a shuriken onto it, destroying the machine.
Vinnie Tickle, tickle, tickle!
Modo arrives to the base with the other Freedom Fighters. He lifts the broken rubble and aids the wounded soldiers to safety. The soldiers cheer for joy. After helping those in need, Modo re-seals the portal with his bionic arm's laser.
Modo Mission accomplished.
The persistent invasion tries to land more attacks onto the Martians. Throttle leads the remaining soldiers.
Throttle (whistles)
The remaining few climb down to the refuge. The Biker Mice charge onto the Catatonians.
Throttle Mop-up time!
Vinnie Heh! Easier than scoring hot dogs at a ball Rock!
The Biker Mice knick down the remaining Catatonian squadrons. Throttle, with a laser gun, shoots a large stalagmite that blocks the vats from going any further.
Throttle Rendez-vous at the red rock!
Vinnie Ah-ho-ho-ho! A fantastic finish!
The three meet at the red rock destination. Throttle finds a nearby rock and triggers a combination in a disguised keypad. The platform brings them down into the base. The mysterious motorcyclist catches up with them just as the elevator closes.
Night Shift (chuckles) Same old, same old. Things look pretty much as I left 'em. Nothing to do now but wait and see who holds the winning hand.
Scene shifts to Carbine, who is awaiting the Biker Mice. She is pressing her hand into a security device, unlocking it.
System Voice DNA match is affirmative, General Carbine. Regenerator bay door is now open.
Behind Carbine opens an elevator revealing the prized Regenerator.
Carbine Huh. Wonder what you would've done, my sheer Stoker.
Throttle Probably sold out to the highest bidder.
Throttle's sudden presence surprises Carbine; she lashes out at Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie with a whip. Throttle catches it and yanks it out of her hand.
Carbine Ow!
Vinnie Ugh! Is there anyone who doesn't want a piece of me today?
Throttle (to Carbine) Uh-oh, somebody woke up on the cranky side of the bed!
Carbine (angrily) Not in the mood, Commander.
Vinnie You know, Modo, I get that a lot myself.
Modo Mm, do tell.
Throttle Listen, are you sure that's the best idea?
Carbine Listen guys, we have to get it to a more secure location. Without the Regenerator to create our water, Mars will go bone-dry.
Vinnie Eh, water, shmater! You ask me, the stuff's way overrated. Long as we're stocked up with root beer, it's all good! (Burps)
The ground in the base beguns to quake from the surface invasion.
Throttle Carbine, you're right - the regenerator's gotta sky, and I'm just the pilot to do it.
Per Throttle's comment, Vinnie, spitting out his root beer, and Modo jump in surprise.
Vinnie; Modo Whoa!
Carbine Who said anything about a pilot!? Just where do you think you're taking this thing?
Throttle Anywhere but here, girlfriend. Anywhere but here. (grins)
The trenors repeat. Carbine grabs Throttle by his ear and drags him into her office.
Carbine In my office, motorhead. Now.
Throttle Hey, hey, c'mon! Easy on the flappers! Ow, ow!
Modo and Vinnie laugh at Throttle as he walks away with Carbine. Vinnie pops another bottle of root beer.
Vinnie Throttle's in trouble!
Modo Oh, mama, I'd rather face a little of Catatonian wildcats with fleas than be standing in Throttle's boots.
The source of the tremors above is revealed to be the Catatonian soldiers, who have hooked explosives onto the portal with a timer. The scene cuts back to Carbine and Throttle.
Carbine Okay, hot stuff, exactly when did your brain short-circuit?
Throttle Well, call me Kreskin. I sense you're having issues with my idea.
Carbine The regenrator stays on Mars, under my protection. Besides, Throttle, you promised that you wouldn't leave again.
Carbine caresses Throttle's face, looking into his eyes with concern. However, before they can have a moment, Vinnie and Modo interrupt.
Vinnie Aww, would you look at that!
Vinnie and Modo laugh, mocking the pair, until Carbine threatens them.
Carbine Anything else you chuckleheads care to add before I yank off your ears and sew them to your tails?
Modo and Vinnie quickly straighten up, sharing in their boots while holding onto their ears.
Modo (stammering, clears throat) Um, no, ma'am, well, I'd say you're doing just fine.
The two walk away from the general as she returns to the matter at hand with Throttle.
Throttle Look, face it, Carbine - it's gotta go. I mean, every minute that the regenerator is on this planet, nobody is--
Throttle is interrupted by an explosion, with Vinnie sliding into the room on his back.
Throttle --safe.
Vinnie Woah! Deadly tetrahydrocarbon explosives! Don't you just love that stuff?
Vinnie' mishap causes Carbine to change her stance on the regenerator.
Carbine Okay, fine. So when did you say you were leaving?
Throttle smiles. Before he can answer, the Martians are invaded by the aforementioned Catatonians. They are armed and surround the mice.
Throttle (awkwardly) Uh... before now would've been good.
The mice, along with the rest of the Freedom Fighters, are captured and imprisoned on Catatonian ships and territory. Hannibal T. Hairball and Cataclysm discuss their next action.
Hairball Haha! We have vanquished the enemy, eradicated the rat vermin from the face.of the universe!
The Biker Mice are shown to be tied in rope attached to the floor while the rest.of their species are behind bars. Vinnie talks back to Hairball.
Vinnie "Face of the universe"? Anyone know what that means?
Hairball slaps the trio with a glove, causing Modo to angrily struggle in his bonds.
Hairball Silence, rodent! Look at me. Thank you. One does not speak to Assistant Supreme Commander Hairball in this manner.
Vinnie (sighs) Sorry, dude. Wasnt like you were saying anything that seemed remotely important, anyway.
Hairball Oh, really, "dude"? Where was I? Ah, ja, Catatonia's finest moment. It is a--
Hairball stops as soon as he realizes he has emitted flatulence in front of everybody on board. He freezes, then turns to apologize - but not before Throttle and Modo accuse Vinnie of the event.
Throttle Oh, is that you?
Modo (stammers) No way.
Vinnie What? (scoffs) Oh, why's it always got to be me?
Hairball (chuckles awkwardly) Please do excuse. Ah, I had bad pierogi.
Vinnie (scoffs, chuckles) Try a couple of hot dogs, it's the breakfast of champions.
Cataclysm Enough! The only lunch we're discussing around here is you.
Cataclysm grabs and lifts Vinnie with his bandana, drooling.
Vinnie Love to join you, but I'm a little tied up right now.
Throttle (whistles) Grown kinda big on Catatonia, don't they?
Modo Mm, you think?
Carbine That's just Cataclysm, Catatonia's moronic muscleman. Don't let the furry freak get to you boys. All his muscle's below the neck.
Cataclysm, hearing Carbine's comment, lets go of Vinnie and marches over to Carbine.
Cataclysm Charming as always, eh, General? (snarls) Crack wise all you wish, you ridiculous rodents, but it's over. Isn't that right, General Carbine?
Carbine Oh, it ain't over till the fat cat sings! And I know just what line you're gonna be humming.
Cataclysm Aw, brave to the end, yes, General? With the regenerator now mine, Mars is finished.
Hairball Yes, ha-ha-ha-ha! This is regenerator. We shall burn every planet in galaxy! Into little boxes, fit for cats.
Cataclysm grabs Hairball, hanging him in mid-air.
Cataclysm I apologize for my brother. He was the runt of the litter.
Cataclysm throws Hairball across the room and into a wall. Hairball tries not to fall and scratches the metal on his way down with this claws. The sound is ear-piercing, causing the Mice to suffer serious ear pain until he finally falls to the ground.
Cataclysm Claw Troopers!
Claw Troopers x3 Sir! Yes, sir!
Cataclysm This ship is infested with mice. See to it that they are exterminated. (cackles as he walks away)
Night Shift has caught up to the Catatonian prison. He works his way through security and faces the Freedom Fighters in danger. They are yelling and struggling with Claw Troopers.
Night Shift (sighs) Typical. I thought I brought the bros up better than this. (eyes the regenerator) Ah, there she is. Time to come to papa!
Meamwhile, the Biker Mice are trying to discuss their options.
Vinnie So, uh, what's it gonna be?
Throttle Well, I'm thinking Steel Finger #5. (to Modo) You up for it, big guy?
Modo Well, what's the point in having a built-in super-weapon if you can't use it to help out your best bros?
A small laser appears out of Modo's bionic arm and begins to burn the rope on his forearms, allowing himself to break free. Claw Troopers shoot at him in retaliation, but the lasers only ricochet off his arm in defense. He shoots the rope binding Throttle and Vinnie, breaking them free as well.
Throttle Scatter, bros!