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The Adventure Begins
Season 1 (2006), Episode 1 + 2
Air date August 26, 2006 (Part 1)
August 27, 2006 (Part 2)
Written by Rich Ungar
Directed by Tom Tataranowicz
Once Upon a Time on Mars

The Adventure Begins is the first 2-part (1st and 2nd) episode of the 2006 seasnon of Biker Mice from Mars.


Mars is running out of water and time is running out for the Martian mice population. Their only hope is the Regenerator, a machine created by General Stoker capable of converting dirt into any substance required (including water). But the evil Catatonians, led by Supreme Commander Hairball, have launched an attack to obtain the Regenerator for their own purposes. Things are looking bleak for Mars as the Regenerator gets destroyed in the conflict. Thus the Biker Mice must take General Stoker to Earth where he can find the necessary tetra-hydrocarbons required to build another machine. But there is a surprise in store for the Biker Mice on their return to Chicago in the form of developer Ronaldo Rump, who has joined forces with the Catatonians to obtain the Regenerator for his own goals. Thus it's up to the baddest mammajammers to save the best of both worlds!


Part 1[]

The Freedom Fighters, led by General Carbine, are fighting off an invasion of Catatonians, come to usurp the Regenerator, a device that creates the planet's water for survival. Carbine calls in the Biker Mice From Mars to aid - Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie - and successfully wins the fight. However, a new villain has his eye on the Regenerator, who goes by the name Night Shift. As Carbine and the Biker Mice are discussing how to go forward with this Regenerator, which is running out of power, Night Shift steals the Regenerator and rides away with both the Mice and Catatonians chasing him. However, disaster strikes when the Catatonians destroy the Regenerator in the process. Throttle demands Night Shift to explain himself, but is struck with horror when it is revealed that Night Shift is the long-lost General Stoker.

Stoker explains how he did not mean to steal the Regenerator, but that he was trying to duplicate its parts for future devices. Because the Regenerator on Mars is destroyed, Stoker admits he made Regenerators on Earth "to the highest bidder" and the tetrahydrocarbons needed to power the device are also only available on Earth. However, before the five can talk sooner, they are captured by Cataclysm and Hannibal T. Hairball and imprisoned on a Catatonian ship. Luckily, the Biker Mice are able to fight their way out of the Catatonians' claws. Meanwhile, Throttle and Carbine discuss their options for survival and realize their only chance is to go to Earth.

Part 2[]

The Biker Mice land on Earth in New York; additionally, Stoker also lands on Earth and hides out on a secret base to resume work on the Regenerator. They explore the city to hostile citizens, but make their way to their old friend, Charley, who has her own bike garage and track since they last saw her. They explain their situation, and Charley offers her help and refuge. She mentions of Ronaldo Rump to them as he builds more towers and skyscrapers across the city - he has another Regenerator, but its power and tetrahydrocarbon level is unknown.

Production Notes[]


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