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Stoker was the original leader of the Martian Freedom Fighters in the series. In the 2006 continuation, Stoker's role becomes more crucial after passing the position to his niece, Carbine due to being the creator of the Regenerator, the major prize behind the wars.


Stoker was the founding father of the Freedom Fighter movement who like the Biker Mice was critically injured and having his lost tail replaced with a bionic one from Karbunkle (and best described as a "mature version of Vinnie").[1] In Once Upon a Time on Mars, it was revealed that Mars was sold, causing Stoker to have doubts over the fight; though he eventually continues fighting as part of the rebellion.

The 2006 series further explains his in-depth significance and crucial role behind-the-scenes. Stoker invented the Regenerator, the key to Mars' survival, but went MIA for several years and is wrongly (but widely, except by Vinnie) branded as a traitor. It was revealed in Once Upon a Time on Earth, that it was a facade to conceal the invention while to undo Earth's damage during the Plutarkian conflict.

Years during when the Biker Mice were in Chicago, Stoker somehow landed on Earth first and was forced to build a second Regenerator for Ronaldo Rump after the Martian Regenerator was accidentally destroyed by the Catatonians. The Biker Mice were dispatched to Earth to recover Rump's machine, while Stoker stealthily assists them as his alter-ego, Nightshift - a black-clad. masked biker.

In the final episodes, Stoker's young teenage daughter, Spitfire comes to the Mices' aid and help return him to normal by using the Regenerator on him when applied with Catalina Catacall's fur sample.

After the regenerator is recovered, Stoker chooses to stay on Earth with Spitfire to reverse the damage caused by Rump and the Plutarkians.


While said Stoker is the founding fighter of the Freedom Fighters, he is somewhat to be described as a "neutralist" being still to assist the Freedom Fighters while being labelled as a traitor. But revealed in the 2006 series, Stoker's traitor status was just a facade to him being a cunning strategist in order to keep the Regenerator safe from the wrong hands. This was proven when he adopted his Nightshift identity to secretly assist the Biker Mice against Rump, while also to protect him from sunlight that will temporarily mutate into a wererat due to overexposure from tetra-hydrocarbons. Furthermore, he enlisted further instruction to his daughter Spitfire as the special package.

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In Other Countries[]

Language Name Voice Actor
Croatia Stoker
Denmark Stoker
Finland Rontti Kari Tamminen (1993)
Pauli Virta (2006 (Episodes 1-3))
Vesa Hämes (2006 (Episodes 13-28))
Italy Carbonio Claudio Moneta (2006)
Norway Stoker
Sweden Eldarn (The Fire)
Stoker (2006)