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Snort Blast was a dragon who was also a villain from an in show comic called "The Biker Knight". Snort Blast was brought to life by Karbunkle's new digitizer to destroy the Biker Mice but was beaten.

Physical Appearance[]

Snort Blast was a giant green-colored quadrupedal dragon with a lime green underbelly, a dark green fin both on top of his head and on his back, lime green fins on the sides of his head, dark green spots on both his shoulders and hips, four-clawed feet, sharp teeth, a forked tongue, and a long tail with a dark green point.

Powers & Abilities[]


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  • Fire Breathing: Snort Blast can shoot fire from his nostrils.
  • Strength: Snort Blast is immensely strong due to his size.


  • Low Intellect: Snort Blast is more simple and animalistic in personality so it is easy to trick and trap him.



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