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Saddlesore Chicago was a cartoon villain who was brought to like by Karbunkles new Digitizer to destroy the Biker Mice but was ultimately beaten.

Physical Appearance[]

Saddlesore Chicago was a short man with a tan-colored mouth, yellow eyes with black pupils, a large brown bushy beard, a long light brown mustache, a large peach-colored nose, and four-fingered hands.

His attire consisted of a red shirt, blue jeans, a black boot on his left foot, a peg leg in place of his right foot, beige-colored gloves, a black belt with four holsters and a silver buckle with a picture of a skull on it, and a black cowboy hat with a blue strap with two sticks of dynamite and a slingshot and two holes in the hat.

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Cartoon Physiology: Due to being a cartoon character, Saddlesore Chicago do due anything a cartoon can such as summon any weapon he wants.


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  • Pistols: Saddlesore Chicago wielded four cartoon pistols that could shoot numerous rounds of cartoon bullets.
  • Bomb: Saddlesore Chicago summoned a cartoon bomb to try and destroy the Biker Mice.
  • Dynamite: saddlesore Chicago carried sticks of dynamite in his hat and could pull out more.



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