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Ronaldo Rump is one of the main villains in the 2006 series.


He is a tall human with wrinkles on his face and wears a large toupée to hide his bald head and has a thin moustache and has a giant rump hence his name.


He has shown to be more dangerous and greedy than Limburger as he was obsessed with getting and using a Regenerator to gain more money.


Ronaldo used to be a used car salesman who came across Stoker after he crashlanded on Earth. He came across the first Regenerator and keeps it in his possession to make himself more wealthy, while the Biker Mice deals with Limburger in Chicago. After Limburger's eventual defeat, Rump was now a multi-billionaire whose expanding empire has now occupied the Plutarkians' territory and built his plaza tower over the usual spot where the Limburger Plaza used to be. Ronaldo was approached by Hannibal and his Catatonian army where Ronaldo formed an alliance with him to find Stoker and repower the Regenerator. During the final episodes, Rump planned to take over the world by using the Regenerator to disguise alien convicts as world leaders which he'd use as puppet rulers. He was foiled when Charley activated Limburger's old transporter which sent him to a tropical island where the natives held him captive to worship his rump. Rump was last seen begging to be returned to his old used car lot.

In Other Countries[]

Language Name Voice Actor
Croatia Oskar Guzina Robert Ugrina
Finland Rami Palkki Arto Nieminen
Bruno Lähteenmäki (Episode 27)
Italy Ronaldo Rump Riccardo Rovatti