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Once Upon a Time on Earth
Season 1 (2006), Episode 25 + 26 + 27
Air date December 7, 2007 (Part 3)
Written by Bob Forward & Eve Forward
Directed by Tom Tataranowicz
Cat and Mouse
Turf Wars

Once Upon a Time on Earth is a 3-part (25 - 27th) episode of the 2006 season of Biker Mice from Mars.


Stoker's Gambit[]

Stoker finishes his new Regenerator and the Biker Mice are ready to take it back to Mars. Unfortunately, Stoker himself has other plans for it.

A Salt on Detroit[]

The Biker Mice are trapped in Detroit by their old archenemies Limburger and Napoleon Brie, who plan to re-conquer Chicago with the Regenerator. In addition, our heroes have other things to worry about: Has Stoker switched sides? Meanwhile, Charley and Carbine are searching for the Biker Mice, but they meet an unknown mouse from Stoker's past.

Best Laid Plans[]

The Biker Mice have big problems: Stoker has been kidnapped by Rump and the Catatonians. Rump himself wants to conquer Earth by replacing world leaders with Greasepit and the aliens that Limburger apprehended while Dr. Carbunkle and Dr. Catorkian work to modify the Regenerator. Can the Biker Mice save Stoker and the Earth before it's too late?




  • For unknown reasons, the episodes aired earlier from the production order.
  • This episode reveals unmentioned plot holes from the original series.