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Napoleon Brie
Gender Male
Race Plutarkian
First appearance The Motor City Maniac
Voice actor Luke Perry

Napoleon Brie is Lawrence Limburger's Plutarkian archrival from Detroit. Compared to Limburger, Brie appears to be rather successful along with his "Number one" gun-for-hire. Regardless, Brie's attempts at taking out the Biker Mice turn out just as futile as Limburger's. Brie's efforts are not helped by his undermining Limburger at the same time.


Brie appears small in stature, with a crazy right eye when wearing one of his large variety of facial masks.

In Other Countries[]

Country Name Voice Actor
Finland Teuvo Tahko Christian Lönegren (1993)
Kari Tamminen (2006)
Hebrew נפוליון ברי Giora Kenneth


  • He has a speech impediment similar to that of Elmer Fudd.
  • His surname is derived from Brie: a French cow's milk cheese originating from the region of the same name.