Gender Male
Race Martian Mouse
First appearance Rock and Ride
Voice actor Dorian Harewood
Modo is a main character and the strongest member of the trio. He is voiced by Dorian Harewood.


Like Throttle and Vinnie, Modo was a Freedom Fighter back on Mars during the Plutarkian Invasion, where he was trained by Stoker. They were considered the bravest warriors and the heart of the resistance ("Once Upon A Time On Mars"). Modo lost his right arm and left eye in the same explosion that scarred Vinnie's face and destroyed Throttle's eyes, and the three were captured. He was given his robotic arm by Karbunkle, who planned to brainwash him to create a bionic slave. However Modo woke up too soon, and used his new weapon to free himself and his comrades. They then (with Rimfire's help) stopped the Tug-Transporter from bringing Mars to Plutark.

In the beginning of the series, Modo,Vinnie and Throttle were cruising on a spaceship, but were attacked by a plutarkian destroyer who forced them to crash on Earth. Here,they found about the Plutarkians' presence in Chicago, and started to defend the city from Linburger.

Appearance Edit

Modo is a large grey furred muscular Martian mouse with a red and blue metal plate over his chest. He is usually bare-chested, except for his chest-plate too. There's a nick in his right ear and an two hoop earrings in his left. He wears deep blue jeans and thick black boots. His right arm is robotic, and he wears a black eyepatch on his left eye.He is also the tallest member of the group.

In the 2006 reboot, he was as big as his 1993 counterpart, but his face is more chiseled in the 2006 version and his hand has claws. Plus his bionic arm is slightly different. He also has a kink in his tail.

Character Edit

Modo is the most laid back, gentlest and most relaxed of the Biker Mice: while he enjoys the thrills of fighting bad guys, his idea of a perfect day is a quiet fishing trip, especially with his nephew Rimfire. He is however capable of changing his mood to rage quickly if someone treatens Charleys, his bros and his bike. He also hated being called a rat, even if it is one of his bros as a joke ( "Bleu Cheese Bros"). When it happens, his right eye would usually glow red.

Modo is also extremely respectful of women, to the point of coming out as slighty old-fashioned (something Billy Monnei was able to take advantage of in "Unforgiven Cheese" ) and has a soft spot for children. Most of his mannerisms come from his mother's teachings, that he repeats constantly.

He is also the mouse with the closest relationship with his motorcycle : he is often seen cleaning it, talking to it as if it was a person and he even gave it a name: Li'l Hoss.

Despite the great strength it gives him (he was able to catch a falling truck in "Steal of the Century") and the laser built in it, he has some mixed feelings about his robotic arm, especially since Karbunkle built it.


  • In the 1994 video game his weapon was Bionic crush and his ability was sky hi slide.
  • In the 2006 version, he calls his bike "Hard Case".
  • Modo is the oldest of the mice (24).
  • His current robot arm isn't the one he was given on Mars: it was destroyed in the episode "The Verminator", where he got a new one.

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