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Lord Camembert
Gender Male
Race Plutarkian
First appearance The Reeking Reign of the Head Cheese (Part 1)
Voice actor Jeff Bennett (1993)
Jess Harnell (2006)

Lord Camembert is Lawrence Limburger's superior in the series. He often appears on the vidcom or in-person to Limburger and berates him for his failure, often at a loud yelling voice. As the running gag, he demands Limburger do the mandatory but embarrassing Plutarkian greeting, much to Limburger's disgust. In some other cases, he will appear with the entire Plutarkian council with Limburger in a panic over what task is current. As the High Chairman of Plutark, Camembert holds the highest power of the planet for a four-year term at once.

When Limburger's plan to suck everything non-Plutarkian off of Earth failed, Camembert stripped him of his position and banished him to Earth. He also called off the invasion of Earth, presumably having decided it was more trouble than it was worth.

In Other Countries[]

Language Name Voice Actor
Brazil Lorde Camembert Paulo Flores
Finland Ylipäällikkö Camembert Kari Tamminen
Jape Kantola
France Lord Camembert Gérard Hernandez
Hebrew לורד קממברט Yoel Lerner
Italy Presidente Camembert Luca Ernesto Mellina
Japan カマンベール Ryuzaburo Ohmoto
Mexico Saúl Alvar
Sweden Johan Hedenberg