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Limburger Plaza

Limburger Plaza in the episode Rock and Ride!.

Limburger Plaza (also known as Limburger Tower) is a building in Chicago owned by Lawrence Limburger.

It is a very tall tower that is Limburger's main base of operations where he schemes on how to strip Earth of its resources or dispose of his enemies; the Biker Mice. 

Limburger's main office is there along with Karbunkle's laboratory and quarters for Greasepit and his gang. A running gag in the series was that towards the end of an episode, the tower, or something similar, would be destroyed in some comedic fashion. Due to this, Limburger's time is spent to trying to rebuild it, which keeps him out of trouble for a while. Among the most notable ways are:

  • Blown up
  • Torn down
  • Vapourized
  • Melted down
  • Burned down
  • Shattered
  • An object crashing into it
  • Blasted into space
  • Falling underground
  • Smashed by meteors
  • Coming to life and running into a lake
  • Flooded
  • Transported into the story of The 3 Little Pigs, turned to wood, and blown down by the Big Bad Wolf


  • It is destroyed in almost every episode.
  • It has been revealed in the episode High Rollin' Rodents that it has been rebuilt at least 56 times.
  • Limburger keeps a large aquarium of fish in his office.