Dr Karbunkle
Gender Male
First appearance Rock and Ride
Voice actor Susan Silo

Dr. Benjamin Boris Zachary Karbunkle or Karbunkle for short, is Lawrence Limburger's right-hand man. A former mad scientist who used to work for Limburger's superior, Dominic T. Stilton, until Limburger bribed him to cross over. As the head science of Limburger's plans, he develops the machines and robots to either battle the Biker Mice, gather resources from Earth, or look up the villain of the week with his Dimensional Transporter.

As such, he was responsible for Modo's bionic arm, Throttle's malfunctioning bionic eyes and Stoker's bionic tail, who was also brainwashed by the doctor's Mind Bender Beam.

He reappears in the 2006 series, eventually meeting the same fate as Limburger.


He is a thin character wearing a white lab coat, high heeled boots, and a green pair of goggles that he never takes off. Once in a while, his red underwear is revealed.


He is known to be sly and very sadistic sycophant known for torturing people, especially with Fred the Mutant. Always prioritizing his own genius, he is often seen admiring Limburger and praising his superior while caring less of others, especially his co-worker Greasepit and traded Plutarkian employers many times before Limburger and Stilton.

Other LanguagesEdit

  • Dr. Cérebro (Portugese)
  • Carbonchio (Italy)
  • Professor Nuikki (Finland)
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