Biker Mice from Mars Wiki
Gender Female
Race Martian Mouse
First appearance Once Upon a Time on Mars
Voice actress Kath Soucie
Jennifer Hale (2006)
Vasilka Sugareva (2006, Bulgaria)

Harley is the Freedom Fighters' mechanic and nurse in the series. She was involved in a love triangle between Vinnie and Stoker, until Vinnie's injuries moved her enough to make him the face-plate and cross-belts he wears. Hardly had they come to an understanding, she was abducted towards the end of the Freedom Fighters' insurrection.

She returns as an antagonist in the 2006 series where Harley's fate was revealed in the last episode. After he abduction, half her face blown off and then was shown mercy by other rats. Therefore, she turned on her own people and aided the rats in their fight. Since then, she has come to hate the Biker Mice because she feels that they gave up on her, although this was not the case (Vinnie, in particular, had searched extensively). However, near-cataclysmic eruptions that threaten to doom Mars snap Harley back to reality, driving her to sacrifice herself to save Mars. When the Biker Mice and Charley later investigated, all they could find was her mask. Throttle, Modo and Charley told Vinnie it was possible she survived. Vinnie said that water had been brought back to Mars which is what Harley wanted all along, so if she was truly gone, it wasn't in vain. The Biker Mice and Charley then vowed to rebuild Mars 'for Harley'.

Vinnie & Harley - Once Upon a Time on Mars (1993)

In Other Countries[]

Language Name Voice Actor
Finland Anni Tiina Mattila (1993)
Susa Saukko (2006)