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Evil Eye Weevil is one of the supervillains summoned by Limburger in the original series. A Martian villain and former stunt performer whose hostility ray on his right eye can induce anyone. He is never anywhere without his sidekicks, the Pukes of Hazard. Limburger summoned him to break the Biker Mice apart.

Physical Appearance[]

Evil Eye Weevil was a skinny purple-colored skeleton-like alien with a dark purple pompadour, two differently colored and sized eyes his right eye being yellow with a black pupil and normal sized and his left eye being red and bloodshot with a black pupil and larger, and four-fingered hands.

His attire consisted of a white-colored vest with two stars on the bottom, silver-colored bicep bands with a single spike, silver-colored kneepads with a single spike, black gloves, black boots with white soles, a silver belt with a star, and a black-colored short-legged bodysuit with a ribcage-like design on the torso.

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Hostility Ray: Evil Eye Weevil would fire a red-colored ray from his left eye which increases the hostility of anyone hit by it but the ray only lasts a few minutes.


  • Durability: Evil Eye Weevil possesses a degree of durability and can bounce back.
  • Motorcycle Driving Skills: Evil Eye Weevil is skilled in driving a motorcycle as he was formerly a stuntman.


  • Fragility: Despite his durability, anytime Evil Eye Weevil gets in a bad crash his limbs will become all twisted up and bent and will require help in realigning himself.


  • Motorcycle: Evil Eye Weevil drove a white-colored motorcycle with three tan-colored horns on the front.



  • His character portrait is an impersonation of Elvis Presley.