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Death Master was a cartoon sorcerer who was brought to life by Karbunkle's new Digitizer to destroy the Biker Mice but was ultimately beaten. he was used in creating the Evil Biker Mice.

Physical Appearance[]

Death Master possessed pale-blue skin, orange eyes with black pupils, a skull-like face, and yellow teeth.

His attire consisted of a purple suit, black gloves, black boots, black tights, a green belt, a black cape with red on the inner part and four arrow-shaped points at the neck hole (two on each side), a skull face on his chest, and a headdress with claw-like protrusions.

Powers & Abilities[]


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  • Magic Profisioncy: Death Master is a master at magic and spells.


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  • Magic Staff: Death Master wielded a staff with a skull-like design on one end, he uses the staff to cast his spells.
    • Teleportation: Death Master can teleport himself and anyone with him in a bolt of lightning to any location he wants.
    • Lightning Blast: Death Master can fire lightning from his staff.
    • Object Summoning: Death Master can summon objects from thin air such as a cage.
    • Energy Disk: Death Master can summon a yellow-colored energy disk as a means of transportation.
    • Forcefield Summoning: Death Master can create a translucent forcefield to protect himself.
    • Fireballs: Death Master's staff can shoot fireballs.



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