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The Cycletaurs are a trio of rat/bike hybrid clones originated by Karbunkle after obtaining the Biker Mice's DNA and scrapings from their bikes.

While possibly to be better bikers than the guys, their built attachment to their vehicles was their own disadvantage against the mice's off-bike tactics. They can shoot lasers from their red eyes with lack of speech.

Physical Eppearance[]

The Cycletaurs are muscular rat/motorcyle hybrid creatures created by Karbunkle by using the Biker Mice's DNA and scrapes from their bikes. each one has the same physical build and possess red eyes with black pupils and they are attached to their bikes from the waist down by tubes. the only difference between the three Cycletaurs is the color of their fur and their bikes (Cycletaur #1 has brown fur with a dark brown muzzle and underbelly and a green bike, Cycletaur #2 possesses gray fur with a light gray muzzle and underbelly with a blue bike, and Cycletaur #3 has tan fur with a light tan muzzle and underbelly and a red bike.)