Charlene "Charley" Davidson
Biker Mice bild 7
Gender Female
Race Human
First appearance Rock and Ride
Voice actress Leeza Miller McGee (1993 Series)

Lisa Zane (2006 Series)

Charlene Davidson, better known as Charley, is a female mechanic, and the best friend of the Biker Mice on Earth.


Charley opened her own bike repair shop. At some point in time, Limburger decided he wanted the property and sent his goons to harass Charley. It looked hopeless for her till the Biker Mice showed up.

in 2006 Charley has noticed that Rump is using an unusual device that changes buildings, and fears she will be next. While training on the Motorcycle she then notices the Mice falling down to her after Cataclysm blew them up, and after Vinnie's irresponsible actions. She was glad to see all of them although she was disappointed that Vinnie didn't call or write to her, she automatically forgives him. She also fixes their bikes and was invited on their road trip to find Stoker.

After Rump and the Catatonians were defeated, Charley moved to Mars to be with the Biker Mice.

Appearance Edit

Charley has shoulder-length auburn hair and light blue eyes. She usually wears a blue denim work shirt, black pants with a utility belt around her waist, and brown boots.

In the new series, her hair is shorter and darker. She wears a dark blue tank top with an almost bare belly, black leather jacket, matching pants, and boots. Charley's weapons of choice are her brains as well as brawn. She's also known to use a missile launcher.


Charley is a beautifully sweet and confident female. But she has an explosive temper that you don't want to rile up! In the episode, The Masked Motorcyclist she gets ticked by the Biker Mice because they think fighting crime is a guy's job and refuse to let her help them fight Limburger. Well, she shows them by masquerading as a masked biker who impresses them with the same moves they've been using on Limburger's goons. Charley is a woman who can hold her own in battle just as well as the Biker Mice, though she appreciates the fact that they only leave her out of their battles so as not to put her in danger.

In Other CountriesEdit

Language Name Voice Actor
Brazil Lina Rossana
Finland Santtu Katja Ståhl, Tiina Mattila
France Brigitte Morisan
Italy Paola Del Bosco
Japan チャーリー Rihoko Yoshida
Mexico Patricia Acevedo
Portugal Isabel Bernardo
Sweden Joan Dahlgren



  • The character's name is a reference to Harley-Davidson.
  • In the 2 part episode The Reeking Reign of the Head Cheese it is revealed that she absolutely hates short skirts.
  • In the episode The Motor City Maniac it is revealed that she really hates Detroit because their football team are nothing but a bunch of dirty cheaters.
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