Carbine in the episode Seeds of Victory.
Gender Female
Race Martian Cave Mouse
First appearance Back to Mars
Voice actress Leah Remini

Carbine is a character in the show. She is a General of the Martian Mice Freedom Fighters. She's also a trusted ally to Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie.


The tough, sometimes over-assuming deputy leader of the Freedom Fighters on Mars. She has gray fur and black hair. Tough-as-nails General in the Martian Army, Carbine joined Stoker's Freedom Fighters when she realized the army wasn't doing any good. She's Throttle's girlfriend, although their relationship is sometimes fragile due to the long distance between them. In the 2006 revival, she is revealed to be Stoker's niece.


Tough-as-nails and sometimes over-assuming. Though Carbine has a bit of a soft spot for Throttle, as they have a sort of relationship.


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