In Sweden, the show was broadcast over Filmnet and later over TV3. The show's title is known as MC-mössen från Mars, but later changing to the original title.


All characters has same name like the English original, a few exeption was changed, Grease Pit is named Smörjan (The Grease), Stoker is named Eldarn (The Fire), Fred the Mutant is named Fredrik.[1] Plutarikans are translated as "Plutarianer".

Voice castEdit

Character Swedish voice actor
Throttle Johan Hedenberg
Vinnie Hans "Hasse" Jonsson
Modo Andreas Nilsson
Greasepit Staffan Hallerstam
Lawrence Limburger Mattias Knave
Karbunkle Hans "Hasse" Jonsson
Charlene Davidson Joan Dahlgren
Fred the Mutant Johan Hedenberg
Lord Camembert Johan Hedenberg
Carbine Annelie Berg



  1. "It's a Biker, Biker, Biker, Biker world!"

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