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Biker Mice from Mars
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Satoshi Kishiwada
Akira Amano


Nobuyuki Akena
Keroppi Inoue


Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Release dates

March 4, 1994 (Japan)
December 1994 (North America)
January 1995 (Europe)



Biker Mice From Mars is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System racing video game made in 1994 by Konami, based on the animated series of the same name.


The player takes on the role of one of six racers in a series of contests on different tracks that are displayed in isometric projection. After each lap, the player's weapon is refilled and a random item can be used to get additional cash, invulnerability, nitrous oxide acceleration, or delay the opponents by triggering an earthquake or time stop. The winner gets the prize money. The player must maintain an overall rank within the top three of a round in order to advance to the next one.

In-between contests, upgrades for engine, tires, armor and weapons can be purchased from the Last Chance garage using the money earned.

Game Modes[]

  1. Main Race - Reach the finish line before the other riders.
  2. Battle Race - Destroy the other vehicles.
  3. Practice - Train your skills.

Playable Characters[]

  1. Throttle: The most balanced racer. (special ability = Power Drift, weapon = Tornado Shot)
  2. Modo: Has the strongest attack. (special ability = Sky-Hi Slide, weapon = Bionic Crash)
  3. Vinnie: Has the firmest grip. (special ability = Tornado Twirl, weapon = Shooting Star)
  4. Lawrence Limburger: Has the quickest acceleration. (special ability = Anti-Grav Dash, weapon = Plutarkian Beam)
  5. Greasepit: Has the fastest speed. (special ability = Corner Crash, weapon = Grease Gun)
  6. Dr. Karbunkle: Has the longest jump. (special ability = Bionic Anchor, weapon = Mutation Beam)




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Throttle ending snes

Throttle in the ending.

  • In the European version of the video game, it features extensive advertisements for Snickers candy bars.
  • The video game has 6 levels.
  • In Throttle's ending, he says "We came, we saw, we whipped some tail!", a reference to Peter Venkman's line "We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!" in the 1984 film Ghostbusters.
  • A Megadrive version of the game was planned by Konami, but in the end, was ultimately cancelled.

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