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Biker Mice from Mars (2006)

The show was eventually revived in 2006 in the US and aired on the 4KidsTV block on FOX in fall 2008. In the UK, the series was picked up for a second window by CSC Media Group, who scheduled it to air on April 2, 2010 on the Kix channel.


Taking place a few years after the events of the original series, where the Biker Mice returned to Mars. return to Earth. In this series, the lead antagonists are the evil Catatonians, a race of cat-like creatures who desire the greatest prize on Mars, the Regenerator. In the process of obtaining it, they destroy it leaving the Biker Mice (including Stoker) to flee to Earth to build a new one.

Episode Guide[]

  1. The Adventure Begins (Part 1)
  2. The Adventure Begins (Part 2)
  3. Changes
  4. Rumpity-Dumpster
  5. The Tender Mouse Trap
  6. It's the Pits
  7. The British Invasion
  8. Break Up
  9. Here Come the Judge!
  10. Desperado
  11. Surfer Cats from Saturn
  12. Manchurian Charley
  13. Biker Mice Down Under
  14. Driver's Ed
  15. New Cats in Town
  16. Cyber Mice from Mars
  17. Vigilante Vengeance
  18. Between Rump and a Hard Race
  19. A Hairy A-Bomb
  20. Bringing Up Vinnie
  21. Carbine's Conundrum
  22. Swimming with Sharks
  23. First Mice on the Moon
  24. Cat and Mouse
  25. Once Upon a Time on Earth (Part 1)
  26. Once Upon a Time on Earth (Part 2)
  27. Once Upon a Time on Earth (Part 3)
  28. Turf Wars


The new 28 episode series began airing in the UK on Toonattik on GMTV (now known at weekends as CITV) on August 26, 2006.[1] However, due to production problems at the Philippines studio, the series was not finalized until late 2007, resulting in the launch in the USA and many other countries being delayed until 2008 as it still needed to be dubbed.


Home Media[]

A DVD collection was released for the 2006 series, starting with The Adventure Begins. Throughout Europe, it was released through an 8-disc collection in various languages.